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2017 B.A.T.S. Teen Career Conference!

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2017 B.A.T.S.

Teen Career Conference

Saturday, March 18, 2017

San Francisco Zoo & Gardens

All Bay Area High School Students are invited to join us for our annual Teen Career Conference! This event is the perfect opportunity to meet and discuss your interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, and STEM industry and education professionals. You'll also gain valuable insights and tips about college and career preparation.

Registration is FREE for Students!

 Includes Free Zoo Admission and Lunch!

See below for all details.


Two Sessions to Choose From!


8:30a: Check-In Begins, plus Engage with the SF Zoo's Teen Volunteers

9a-9:40a: Welcome and Keynote (Betsy Cooper)

9:50a-11:10a: Student Workshop Breakouts

11:20a-11:55p: Student College & Career Insight Panel and Closing 

12:00p: Get Lunch and Explore Zoo


11:45a: Check-In Begins, plus Grab Lunch & Engage with the SF Zoo's Teen Volunteers

12:30p-1:05p: Welcome and Keynote (Jonathan Stillman)

1:20p-2:40p: Student Workshop Breakouts

2:50p-3:25p: Student College & Career Insight Panel and Closing 

3:30p: Explore Zoo


Dr. Betsy Cooper, Executive Director, Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, UC Berkeley
Prior to her arrival at UC Berkeley, Dr. Cooper worked for over a decade in homeland security consulting. She will address the rising need for experts in the ever-expanding and ever-changing field of cybersecurity.
Dr. Jonathon Stillman, Marine Biologist and Professor at San Francisco State University's Romberg Tiburon Center and Department of Biology
Dr. Stillman's research focuses on understanding the causes of physiological diversity in relation to changes in the marine environment, and understanding the ecological consequences of climate change in marine environments.

College and Career Insight Panelists - Both Sessions

Quincy Jones, Assistant Director at UC Berkeley Admissions
Quincy Jones graduated from UC Berkeley in 2010 with a B.A. in American Studies minoring in African American Studies and Creative Writing. He has a demonstrated history of working in higher education helping students develop their college access knowledge. He is currently pursuing a Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree focused in Equity and Social Justice in Education from San Francisco State University.

Catherine Noonan, Founder and Lead Consultant of College Happy
Catherine Noonan is passionate about the possibilities higher education holds for students. She has worked closely with seniors to provide resume-building assistance and personal essay outlining, brainstorming, and editing guidance. She continues to advance professionally by staying on top of higher education trends and changes to best serve College Happy students and families.

Monica Rude, College Counselor at Collegewise
Monica Gallego Rude has spent the entirety of her career working in admissions both in the United States and internationally. She enjoys helping students of all academic interests and backgrounds find and tell their best stories in their personal statements so they can ultimately be admitted to and attend their best-fit universities. Her students have been admitted to a variety of highly selective colleges, including both Ivy League and Russell Group institutions.

Nandita Gupta, College Counselor at Collegewise
Nandita Gupta founded Enlighten Education Consulting after spending over a decade working with hundreds of individuals, from high school students to C-level executives, attain their professional goals. Her distinctive background offers a rare blend of expertise in Admissions and Executive Search, having worked for Stanford University and Russell Reynolds Associates in the San Francisco Bay Area. Nandita Gupta graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Anthropology and wrote her thesis on college readiness & accessibility.

Minyoung Lee, Google
Minyoung Lee joined Google after finishing her MBA from The University of Chicago's Booth School of Business in 2016. Prior to that, she was a chemical engineer in the oil and gas industry. She loves encouraging high school students to pursue STEM careers and volunteers as an admissions interviewer for Cornell University. 

Lea Hirsch, Fifth-Year Graduate Student at UC Berkeley
Lea's thesis project focuses on comparing planets in binary star systems to those in single star systems. She uses the 3-meter Shane Telescope at Lick Observatory and the WIYN 3.5-meter telescope at Kitt Peak to obtain high-resolution images of bright sample stars, searching for high-contrast and close-in binary systems. Lea also uses the Keck-HIRES and the Lick Automated Planet Finder to search for planets around these stars. Her goal is to perform a direct comparison between the planet populations in single versus binary stellar systems and significantly advance the field of astronomy!

Blair Bazdarich, Outreach and Teen Program Manager at SF Zoo
Blair is in charge of school outreach and youth volunteer programs at the San Francisco Zoo. Her main focuses are the ZooMobile, bringing live animals to classrooms throughout the Bay Area, and the Talk on the Wild Side, Zoo Crew, and Zoo Teacher Assistant programs, helping students explore the fields of animal science and education. Blair believes that demystifying science is at the root of inspiring caring for nature and advancing conservation action, and she hopes to help equip the next generation with the tools to make a brighter tomorrow!

Skill-Building Workshop Leaders - Both Sessions

AMY SCHLESER - Amy Schleser is an artist and science educator who has worked at The Field Museum and studied at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. She's currently a Visual Storyteller, producing science videos for elementary schools. Every weekend, you can find her out in the Bay Area creating scientific illustrations.

BEAM - Berkeley Engineers and Mentors is the premier Outreach and Mentoring organization in UC Berkeley's College of Engineering. BEAM has partnered with B.A.T.S. in all our past STEM College and Career Fairs and is proud to be part of our second ever Teen Career Conference. 

JAGRUTI VEDAMATI - Dr. Jagruti Vedamati is a postdoctoral scholar from Stanford University. She is very actively involved in science teaching and education outreach, working with programs at UC Berkeley, Castilleja School, and Stanford University. 

LAS POSITAS BIOLOGY CLUB - The primary goal of the Las Positas Biology Club is to bring lovers of biology together. The Club welcomes anyone as long as each and every member is excited about making a difference. 

LAUNCH CAMP - Test out your problem-solving and creative thinking skills by using ordinary objects to complete a design challenge, hosted by Launch Camp. 

LEITHA THRALL - Leitha Thrall’s degree in Art at San Jose State University compels her to squeeze creativity into all the space science organizations she has worked for, including: NASA/Ames’ Animal Care Facility, and the Cosmochemistry and Multiverse teams at UC Berkeley's Space Sciences Laboratory.

SF ZOO - SF Zoo will be holding an Enrichment for Zoo Animals workshop to illustrate the ways that zoos work to enrich the daily lives of their animals. 

Location, Parking, and Public Transit Information

Please click here for all location and parking details and the various public transit options for getting to the 2017 Teen Career Conference.


PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE ZOO PARKING LOT TO DROP OFF STUDENTS OR IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO SPEND THE DAY AT THE ZOO. If you enter the Zoo parking lot for any reason, you will have to pay a $12 parking fee to exit. To avoid the parking fee, drop passengers off at the corner of Sloat Blvd and 47th St. See map here.

Parents/Guardians will not be allowed access to the event area. They are, however, encouraged to purchase a regular full price Zoo adult admission ticket and enjoy a day at the Zoo while their children enjoy the remainder of the event.  Please note that a regular Zoo adult admission ticket does not include the $12 parking fee.

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