2017 B.A.T.S. Professionals Conference - Location, Parking, and Public Transit


Location and Entrance: The location of the main entrance for Sutardja Dai Hall, our gathering place, is just off (south of) Hearst Ave near the intersection of Hearst Ave and Le Roy Ave. LOOK FOR OUR CHECK-IN SIGN on the sidewalk along Hearst Ave pointing toward the few short stairs down to the entrance doors. Check in, networking, refreshments, full attendee gatherings, etc. will take place outside and within the Banatao Auditorium (310 Sutardja Dai Hall - just inside the main entrance).

Parking: Day-long parking permits are $5 (available when registering) and parking can be found at the La Loma or Upper Hearst Parking Structure (at the corner of Hearst Ave and La Loma Ave). ENTER THE LOWER LEVEL VIA HEARST AVE. Note - nearby street parking is either metered or otherwise monitored and the maximum time limit is no more than 2 hours.

BART and AC Transit: The nearest BART station is Downtown Berkeley BART, followed by a scenic, slightly uphill, 15-20 minute walk to Sutardja Dai Hall. If you don't care to walk or are coming from elsewhere, you can catch an AC Transit bus to get you much closer to Sutardja Dai Hall. Use the 511.org “Plan My Trip” tool to view routes, schedules, and fares. Use "Downtown Berkeley BART" or other location as your starting place and "Sutardja Dai Hall" as your destination. From BART, look for the 65, F, or 52 AC bus lines. Get off at Hearst and LeRoy Ave (F, 52) or just before Euclid Ave (65) and walk the remainer of the way. 511.org will also give you options for using the UC Berkeley shuttle system. The shuttle costs $1 each way. In this case, use either the Perimeter (P) or Central Camps (C) lines. Please note: The Perimeter “P” Shuttle runs in one direction only, so the the return trip from Sutardja Dai Hall back to BART is significantly longer. Thus, walking or using the C line or AC Transit lines may be the better option for the return.

Additional location and arrival planning information is available here.

Sutardja Dai Hall Main Entrance